Full Member (MGATE) application guidance

If you are applying for Associate membership please see the appropriate application guidance here.

  1. Choose Member - £50.00 (GBP) as your membership level from the list provided to begin registration. The information we require is similar for all levels of membership, but the detailed evidence of experience required is much higher for full Members. This guidance allows you to review this information so you can prepare in advance of applying to become MGATE.

  2. Contact details: Provide your email address - this is is your login ID and the principle way of us communicating with you. A password to login to the My GATE members area will be sent to this email address after you have completed the application process. The registration email will be sent from membership[at]transitionengineering.org - please check your spam/junk mail folder.

  3. Personal details and communication preferences: Note that if you elect not to be contacted by GATE then we are unable to inform you of events and opportunities related to Transition Engineering. We will still contact you in relation to your GATE membership e.g. for renewals. For more information please read our data protection and privacy policy.

  4. Qualifications and competences: As a prospective full Member of GATE you are required to verify your qualifications and demonstrate your competences in Transition Engineering as part of the application process. The evidence you submit as part of this application will be reviewed to ensure you fulfil the criteria to use the MGATE post-nominal.
    You must collate evidence and complete the GATE Competence Framework before submitting your application as you cannot add any of the required documents for peer review after your application has been submitted.
    The information required is:
      • A scan/photograph of all qualifications you have specified in the qualifications section
      • An up to date copy of your C.V. clearly detailing your experience in Transition Engineering
      • Evidence of any other professional registrations that you hold.

  5. Continued professional development (CPD): GATE considers that the development and enhancement of CPD is critical to the Transition Engineering profession and expects full Members (MGATE), Chartered Engineers (CEng) and Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv)* to ‘take responsibility for personal development and work towards and secure improvements for a sustainable future’. GATE expects all full Members to actively engage in CPD, and to keep records of CPD activities. There is no fixed format for a CPD record, an example CPD record available here which can be edited to suit your own purposes. Read the draft GATE Rule 3 – Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy here

  6. Sponsors: Your application must be backed by letters of support from two sponsors, at least one of whom is a full Member of GATE. The sponsors must know your skills, qualifications and competences and make their own personal recommendation on your suitability for election to MGATE.
    Sponsor letters must be signed and on official headed paper (where appropriate), and must be submitted alongside the your MGATE application. To this end you must identify and engage the individuals who will support your Member application in advance of applying through the member portal.
    Sponsor letters should be dated within six months of the date of you applying for MGATE – please note that sponsor letters older than six months will be invalid which will cause a delay in processing your application. If you are unsuccessful in your Member application (see point 8 below) you may need new sponsor letters.
    We have prepared some guidance for sponsors so they understand what is required in a letter of support. It will help your sponsor prepare your letter if you provide them with this link: https://gate.wildapricot.org/sponsor_guidance.

  7. Peer review: You application will be assessed by two full GATE Member assessors, this is known as a peer review. The peer review consists of an examination of your application documentation (particularly the Competences and work history) and an interview. The interview is a peer-to-peer discussion with two full Member assessors and will be conducted remotely (not in-person, no travel is required). You'll discuss your knowledge and experience as they relate to the 5 competences of the full Membership standard as described in the Member Competence Framework, the GATE Rule 2 - Code of Professional Conduct and your continued professional development (CPD) goals.

    For the time being, assessment interviews will be in English. If your Assessors are satisfied that you meet all of the competences outlined in the Member Competence Framework you will be elected to MGATE professional recognition.

  8. Election: You will be notified on the outcome of the peer review process by email. If the assessors believe you are suitably qualified for professional recognition you will be elected to MGATE at the next scheduled Trustee meeting (these are usually held monthly in the second week of the month). In the case that your application is unsuccessful we will provide feedback so you can re-submit your application should you wish. No additional payment will be needed. In the meantime we will register you as an Affiliate so that you can keep in touch.

  9. The membership application fee is not refundable.
    When elected to full Member, the fee will become your recurring subscription
    which will be renewable annually. You can see your renewal date through My GATE. You will be notified by email 14 days before your renewal is due.

*GATE is currently in the process of achieving Professional Affiliate status with the Engineering Council (UK) and Society for the Environment. We hope to soon be able to offer full Members of GATE CEng and CEnv registrations.

See a draft of how the GATE Competence Framework aligns with Engineering Council and the Society for the Environment competences here

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