What is Transition Engineering?

Transition engineering is the professional-engineering discipline that deals with the application of the principles of science to the design, innovation and adaptation of engineered systems that meet the needs of today without compromising the ecological, societal and economic systems on which future generations will depend to meet their own needs. 

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GATE's Mission

The mission of Transition Engineers is to create innovations that disrupt the business as usual course, effectively manage the risks of un-sustainable resource use and destructive environmental impacts by carrying out shift projects for existing engineered systems and existing businesses and organisations. 

The Global Association for Transition Engineering provides a membership and support network, a platform for carrying out research, teaching and certification and a forum for communicating successful projects that rapidly reduce fossil fuel use and manage restricted production of these valuable resources over the long term.

GATE's  Vision

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Who are we?

We are an interdisciplinary community of practice dedicated to preventing what is still preventable

GATE promotes research on engineering the transitions of emergent complex systems

GATE supports development and demonstration of transition approaches, methods and tools

GATE works with leading universities and CPD trainers on education, publications and case studies

Volunteers facilitate networking and topical interdisciplinary discussions

GATE Full Membership Status provides professional recognition

Come together with GATE peers from around the world to build, inform and deliver transition.

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Does taking action on sustainability motivate you?

Do you want to take your place in the movement that's bringing the transition needed?

Can you  help us move away from our current trajectory towards collapse, and to a trajectory that leads to a sustainable future. 

If yes.....

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The Global Association for Transition Engineering (GATE) is a UK Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and a Registered Charity No.1166048

Vision Offices. Saxon House, 27 Duke Street, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1 1HT. United Kingdom

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GATE is run entirely by volunteers and our only income is from membership fees and donations.

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